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What We Do

An estimated 45 million Americans ages 16-65 have a disability that they were either born with or acquired. Many are active members of the workforce who want to participate in offsite meetings and conventions. Legally, event planners must make good faith efforts to accommodate them.

Inclusive Event Consulting is an event planning company that assist companies provide meetings that are barrier free. Many times planners face the challenge of creating a productive meeting and not knowing whether one or more of their participants may have a visible or invisible disability. Inclusive Event Consulting assists you in the pre-planning, awareness and possible needs of a variety of the participants so that you can have a meeting that is inclusive and has maximum attendance.

Who We Are

We assist you to create memorable events that are inclusive and barrier free to allow maximum participation for all meeting participants. We work with you from the pre-planning stage until the day the event ends. Our expertise and experience enables us to assist you to eliminate barriers to full participation so that you will have a successful and memorable event.

Iris Miller- Smith, LMSW has more than 20+ years as a licensed social worker and disability advocate. Iris is passionate about access for individuals who are living with a disability whether it is an invisible or visible disability. Iris' husband William lives with multiple sclerosis and uses a motorized scooter. It was because of barriers they experienced in meeting places and how it impacted their participation or attendance that she decided to turn her frustration into a solution and start her company, Inclusive Event Consulting. Iris is know as the "Access Ambassador," educating and addressing the needs of individuals living with disabilities.